Headquarters is a space that aims to be as intersectionally and meaningfully accessible as possible.

This is, as always, work in progress. We welcome your feedback, suggestions, queries and critiques of any access features across the site.

The website’s inbuilt accessibility toggles aim to provide you with options to make the space more accessible to you.

They include options to:
  • highlight links
  • remove background / invert colours
  • enable high contrast
  • reading mask
  • big text
  • adjust paragraph line height

The toggles can be accessed via the button in the bottom right corner of each page. It says 'ACCESS' in capital letters, and there is the universal access symbol (which is a stick figure within a circle).

All images on the site are audio-described in alt text. If you cannot access them or would like further info, please contact us on

Beyond this, as part of the artistic commissions, each artist committed to integrating at least one type of access feature into the development of their work. This process has allowed growth whilst still being within people's capacities.

We are always striving to make the space more meaningfully accessible and inclusive. Please also reach out if you would like to discuss any of its features.