Headquarters is always looking to connect with artists, organisers and organisations who are involved in and/or are committed to creating, supporting, centering, and celebrating disabled work.

You can be at any point in your artistic practice – you might not even call yourself an artist.

Headquarters wants to showcase the diversity of lived experiences in our communities. We are particularly keen to connect with people who may also identify with any of the following communities, terms or as Bla(c)k, First Nations, LGBQTIA+, gender diverse, people of colour, Culturally & Linguistically Diverse, regional or remote and/or from a low socio-economic background.

We support work across any and all creative mediums – performance, video, film, dance, theatre, music or sound, visual arts, game design, installation, and other experimental or interdisciplinary fields.

Please do get in touch via email or social media. If you have access requirements around your communication; please let us know when you reach out.

We can’t wait to hear from you!