Creative Team

Headquarters was created in response to the dwindling of promising Covid-inspired advancements in digital access to arts and cultural spaces. In response to the dominant global culture; where disabled artists, critics and audiences continue to be backgrounded and forgotten.

It is our own space; disability-led, for us, by us.

It was developed across many months, from bedrooms/offices, via phone and email and zoom. Crip Time allowed for things to ebb and flow.

It Is impossible to name all the people who have been involved in the creation of this site, because they have been many off-line conversations, venting sessions, moments of dreaming… Headquarters is part of a much bigger lineage of spaces made by disabled people; trying to carve out space for us to show up and be celebrated and valued. Thanks goes out to the whole disabled community.

In terms of the nuts and bolts – the practical work on the ground which took countless hours, conversations and amounts of creativity – several people can be cited as key in bringing this to life. They are named below:

Creative Team

Riana Head-Toussaint
Imogen Yang
Xavier Burrow
Serwah Attafuah

Peer Assessment Panel (for inaugural commisions)

Hanna Cormick
Kath Duncan
Kerri Shying