Sue Jo Wright

Artwork Details

3.41 minutes
single-channel video 4K UHD video, colour, no sound
Silk Chiffon and red embroidery

Access Statement

This is a silent film. The first link is the silent version. The second is with Audio Description.

Artist Statement

‘Applause’ is a silent film inviting us to explore the perspective of a Deaf person’s journey and personal experience of finding their Deaf identity and discovering the Deaf community. Gesture and and body language are used in the film to communicate instead of sound.

People within the Deaf community often feel labelled by others and not seen for who they are. This can affect that person’s ability to find their identity and their place in the world. In Applause, the relationship
between the Deaf person and the Deaf community, represented by the gloves, can be seen being developed over time. At the end of the film, the Deaf person is reborn free and independent; breaking away from labels, applauded and accepted by the Deaf community.

Artwork Credits

Video by Sue Jo Wright
AD by Access Media Pty Ltd