Alex Craig

Alex Craig is a Queer Blind dance artist and maker. Exploring belonging, connection, identity and place, Alex works collaboratively, opening and holding space for a collective experience of dance and storytelling beyond the visual.

Alex utilizes choreography, poetic and score based texts, sound and creative Audio Description to create live and digital works. Most recently, they have been working at Critical Path, collaboratively researching Blindness centred dance methodologies.

Since 2019, Alex has been an ongoing collaborator of Fayen D’Evie. Alex first worked with Fayen during a residency at Abbotsford Convent Melbourne, developing ‘Mobility
Geometries’. They then collaborated on Fayen’s ‘We get in touch with things at the point they break down // Even in the absence of spectators and audiences, dust  circulates…’ (West Space Gallery, 2021) and ‘With Cane in Hand, I Dance a Duet for One, for Two, for Three, for Four…’ (MCA, 2020-22).