Fayen d’Evie and Benjamin Hancock

Fayen d’Evie is an artist and writer, born in Malaysia, raised in Ōtautahi, Aotearoa, and now living in the bushlands of unceded Jaara country, Australia. Fayen’s projects are often collaborative, and resist spectatorship by inviting audiences into sensorial readings of artworks. Fayen draws on blindness to propose critical and imaginative approaches to navigating uncertainty and the precarious through blundering; handling the tangible, intangible, and concealed; documenting ephemeral encounters through hallucinatory recall; inviting extreme myopic readings of artworks and texts; expanding the perceptual space of publication; and animating intersensory translations and conversations. She is the founder of independent imprint 3-ply, which approaches artist-led publishing as an experimental site for the creation, dispersal, and archiving of texts.

Benjamin Hancock is a solo and collaborative performance artist, who situates their work within and across the dance, drag, and contemporary art communities. He is interested in how a subjective body receives, interprets, processes, and translates information. His work explores and redefines how we understand the ability, strength, care, sexuality, masculinity and femininity of a body.