Marianthe Loucataris

Marianthe Loucataris is a digital media artist, composer, musician, sound designer, & educator with a passion for building digital infrastructure that nourishes creative connections & collaboration between humans, ecologies & cultural practices.

Their work gives voice to the other-than-human through deep listening & improvisation. Multi-modal digital communication through music, visuals, sounds & spoken word can shift – widen – how we intra-act with each other & our non-human kin. As a person living with a disability & chronic illness, their work explores how ‘ableism’ attempts to define what it means to be ‘an ideal human’ & how an animist lens assists in unraveling the delusion of the single, independent, separate self. How can improvising with the other-than-human shift our sense of ‘self’ & ‘other’ at this precarious moment – full of individual & collective trouble?

Having lived a diffractive creative life as a musician, performer, media artist, creative producer, educator, arts administrator & community arts activator now an independent artist who is currently collaborating with the trans – local – post – activist global collective – The Emergence Network, founded by writer / philosopher Bayo Akomalafe.